Success Through Personal Training

Join the Insync movement today and enjoy the benefits of a professional, dedicated team striving to help you to achieve your goals. Specialist areas include:

Nutrition & Weight Loss Management

Here at Insync we provide a combination of proven nutrition advice utilising the scientifically proven Precision Nutrition system. Along side this we have developed an effective fat loss/fat burning workout programme. As a client you will receive a comprehensive nutrition, lifestyle, postural and fitness assessment supported by advice on how to make the small changes required to achieve your goals. If you are prepared to work hard and follow our advice then you can get the results that can change your life. The precise and highly focused nature of our fat burning programme means that you continue to burn calories long after you have left the gym. Traditional workouts burn fat whilst you’re exercising, but as soon as you stop your metabolism shifts back down to normal levels.

With the application of tried and scientifically tested systems we can guarantee that your metabolism stays elevated, and you therefore continue to burn body fat, for up to 38 hours after you have finished exercising!

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Fat Loss & Muscle Build

This is not a one size fits all training programme and is designed for each clients unique body shape, training experience and goals.

We work on a system that covers all areas and utilises all effective training methods, to make your training specific, challenging, effective and fun. All clients receive a comprehensive nutrition, health, fitness and postural/muscular assessment. Your training will be specific to you and all we ask is that you commit to the advice we give and that you follow the programme we set for you. Muscle and tone training is not easy and will require determination and focus, however if you commit 100% then you will achieve the results that you desire and you will be amazed at the transformation.

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Rehabilitation & Recovery

Exercise is a vital part of the rehabilitation process when recovering from accidents, illness or sporting injuries. The idea that a person is completely cured once the treatments on the therapist’s couch are over is simply outdated. Instead, when a person visits a qualified trainer, in conjunction with receiving a course of treatment, they will be set specific strengthening and flexibility exercises. Exercises are included in rehabilitation programmes to ensure the injury site returns to a fully functional state and/or to ensure that the original cause of the injury is eliminated.

As a rehabilitation specialist Claire will plan and implement the training and mobility exercises required to get you back to full health and fitness. As a trainer with a passion for helping people back to full fitness and health, Claire will work with your doctors and physio so that she is aware of what is being done and why. Claire will set exercises to target specific goals that will help solve the clients problems. Initially, this is likely to be mobility and flexibility training and then, later, strengthening work.

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Posture & Biomechanics

Learn about the importance of posture and how to realign yours which in turn will influence:

• Non verbal communication
• Cognitive function
• Lung capacity
• Sex hormone levels
• Stress hormone levels
• Confidence
• Circulation

Pre & Post Natal

It has now been proven beyond doubt that safe and well managed exercise in the pre and post-natal period is highly beneficial to both mother and baby. Many expectant mothers are now very aware of this and are actively seeking professional guidance in managing an exercise programme that will support and enhance their pregnancy experience.

If you are keen to keep fit and healthy during pregnancy or you want to get back to your pre baby body or even better then we can help. We offer specific training and nutrition guidance to help you stay fit and healthy with the focus being solely on you, making you feel amazing in this special time for you and your new family.

View our Pre + Post natal training here and read about how our clients benefits here

Sports Specific

Your first session will allow us to perform a highly specialised sport-specific musculoskeletal movement assessment. We obtain a great amount of information during this assessment, for instance our ‘biomechanical analysis’ assesses the way you move through the many movement patterns you need for your sport, determining your efficiency of movement and where your strongest and weakest links lie. We also pick up any flexibility or postural flaws that may hinder or restrict your progress. This allows us to specifically target your weakest links in your training whilst further developing your strengths to new heights. In essence we determine how much untapped potential you may truly have! We then develop a structured action plan and series of program’s based on the results of your assessment. This involves determining the nature, content and duration of the various phases in your conditioning program. Focus is also directed to ensuring you reach peak performance when it matters most – so you have the competitive edge over your rivals!

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Specialist Areas

We all go through different stresses and strains that life throws at us and for some this can lead to mental illness which is rarely addressed and even less frequently talked about.

The Insync team can help you to manage anxiety, panic attacks, depression and eating disorders in conjunction with medical professionals. It is a well known fact that exercise helps to curve increased adrenalin levels linked to anxiety and panic attacks. Exercise instills confidence and a sense of feeling good about yourself to assist in motivating you to help to pull you out of that rut.

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Group Training

Win as part of a team..
Most experiences in life are better when shared, join one of our daily groups and see the benefits of working as a team, feeling encouragement not only from your coach but your peers and push yourself like never before. Insync groups are kept to maximum number to ensure that you are coached throughout the whole session and not allowed to hide on the back row! Feel part of a team as you complete sets, team activities and spur your partner on.

Join the Insync PT group movement today and see incredible results.

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