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Training massage centre

Massage can help everyone young and old, easing aches & pains and aiding relaxation.

Sports Massage:
A sports massage can alleviate the symptoms of your injured muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Pre Event Massage:
Helps by stimulating muscles, increasing blood flow, calming nerves and leaving you with a desire to perform.

Post Event Massage:
Helps flush out toxins and lactic acid built up during exercise, helps return the muscles to a relaxed state, reduces
the risk of next day muscle soreness, reduces swelling and promotes faster healing.

£20.00per 30 minutes or £35 per hour treatment
Call or text Claire Jones, Personal Trainer to book on 07812 563 433

Chartered Physiotherapist Richard Strong MCSP Comes to Insync

• Providing physiotherapy assessment for new and existing clients
• Diagnosis assessments for any pre-existing injury or complaint
• Prehabilitation assessment – to prevent injuries before they happen

Assesments include:
• Posture, joint allignment, flexibility, muscle control, biomechanics, core stability and movement patterns

What then?:
• Results are then shared with your personal trainer to ensure that your personally designed program takes
any findings into consideration to ensure maximum output with minimal risk of injury

30 minute session - £20 per assessment
To book an appointment email or call 07782 274 835