Success Through Personal Training
Julie C.

//…2 years ago at Christmas I made a decision  to change my life I was morbidly obese and I’m ashamed to say out of breath just walking up the stairs! I didn’t want to jump on the new years day I start band wagon, so waited and prepared throughout Jan, I knew I wanted to do it but I didn’t want to fail! I started investigating gyms etc in Feb I joined a gym and through them met Frank in the March!

I will admit I nearly cancelled so many times but knew I had to do it to achieve my goal of a healthy life. When I first started training with Frank I am sure he wondered on many occasions what the hell am I doing, after 20 mins I felt sick, dizzy and had to sit down!! He never gave up on me and adapted my training each week to ensure my confidence and fitness improved, this year I walked up Mount Snowden and for me it was the start of what I wanted to achieve, Frank making the decision to turn his hobby into his career was the best thing that ever happened to me and I would recommend him to anyone.

He motivated and inspires me to continue on my journey and challenges me  constantly, so this Christmas I want to say a massive thank you to Frank for his constant support and here’s to 2013 for Insync PT I wish you every success…//

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//…I have worked with Frank as my PT for over 2 years now. His expertise and passion as a PT helped me identify what I needed to change as far as my lifestyle and fitness was concerned and his motivational style has helped me to achieve my goals and improve my fitness and overall well being.

He has given me advice and guidance in nutrition, fat loss, weight training and strength training.
He uses a variety of equipment and training techniques – anything from kettle bells to sledge hammers and tractor tyres, so whilst training is always hard, it is always innovative and specific to my requirements.

He is always supportive – not just  for your PT sessions but afterwards, sending articles that he has read, or exercise programmes for you to follow in your own time and encouragement on how you are doing generally.

It is not about the six-pack  but more about longevity and with a young family longevity is what I want. He is also keen to explain to anyone the difference between height, weight and levers!…//

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//…I had always been somebody who “dipped” in and out of gyms – typically going to your big branded gyms where I’d attend classes but see little results.  I’d join and go for a few months but then lose interest be tied into a monthly membership. 

Then I stepped away from gyms for a couple of years whilst marathon training. 

Once my marathon was completed I was on the look out for a place that offered the real knowledge of how to tone, get strong, eat correctly and stay fit and have affordable Personal Training. 

A good friend of mine told me about Insync and I went along to one of Harry’s boxing classes. This place has a totally different vibe to any gym I’ve ever attended. Everybody is so friendly and approachable – we laugh a lot yet train hard – perfect!!
The Trainers really know their stuff. There’s such a wide variety of styles of training I tend to mix it up with Personal Training, circuits , boxing circuits & more recently yoga I feel that my training is so varied I never get bored.

I have now attended Insync consistently since May 2014 (I’ve never done this at previous gyms) regularly having PT with Harry & Jane and attending classes. I LOVE it here and can’t ever see myself going anywhere else.//

Deb xx …..
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//…Just before Christmas last year I knew I had hit a rut that I was finding hard to pull myself out of, had gained weight and had a constant ache in my knee. I wasn’t eating as well as I knew I should be and had lost a lot of my confidence.
A friend had recommended Insync and after I tried a couple of classes with her I decided that PT sessions would really help me to get in shape and feel healthy again. My husband bought me some sessions for Christmas, and after putting it off for several weeks I finally got in touch with Jane and arranged to meet. I was really nervous about starting and during the first session I did wonder what I’d let myself in for, however six months later I am so delighted that I made that call. Jane has helped me to define my goals, understand how to get the most out of exercise and diet, and gives me a push when I need it to keep going, keep motivated and keep focussed. I’ve lost body fat, gained muscles I didn’t even know existed before, feel stronger and have shed inches.
I now mix classes with PT sessions and try to manage my lifestyle in a healthier way. My knee hasn’t bothered me in months as my core strength has increased and I look forward to the sessions.
I would highly recommend Insync to everyone, young and old! My 10 and 8 year olds can’t wait for school holidays to come and join in! Thank you Jane and co!//
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//…I started at Insync after my first child and took part in the group classes to lose my baby weight for my wedding. Then after my second child I started receiving some 1:1 personal training sessions. I have found my time with Insync has not just been body changing but also life changing.

The classes are great fun while hard going training wise and I feel like I have made some good friends there too. The 1:1 personal training has given me a body I can be proud of after two children but has also taught me so much more. With diet advice and training advice along with personalised targeted training during my sessions I have learned so much about leading a really healthy lifestyle and how to approach training on my own too. I no longer fear the gym, I now love it and have made a great friend in Jane along the way. You couldn’t ask for a better place to get fit and healthy! I see it as more like a family now.//

Adele Delaney

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Lyn S.

//…After losing my son three years ago I gained almost five stones in weight, became a ‘couch potato’ and suffered with chronic depression. I didn’t socialise at all, had very low self-esteem and zero selfconfidence. In February this year I realised it was time to pull myself together and make massive improvements to my health and wellbeing. So, along with my daughter, Lianne, I met up with Frank and the week after started personal training sessions.

Now, after only a few months training with Frank, I use exercise and good nutrition to keep my spirits lifted. My self-esteem and self-confidence have improved and I am over half way to achieving my goal weight. My fitness has improved tenfold. I have also joined Frank’s ‘Body Composition Group’ and had the opportunity to attend both Michael’s and Jane’s group sessions.

I have found Frank to be very passionate about his work; his expertise is second to none, he is motivational and so patient……believe me I’m sure I’ve tested this on quite a few occasions!…//

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Simon H.

//…The team at Insync are friendly, approachable and listen to what you want to achieve and do it in a structured way.

I arrived at Insync from a recommendation, following a divorce and not in the best of places emotionally. I walked through the door with a little apprehension but was immediately made to feel welcome. Not just from the team but the class who had been going to Insync for some time, with nothing but encouragement from them.

My main personal goal was to improve my overall fitness level and I have. As a type 1 diabetic the regular training I do has undoubtedly improved my diabetes and I would recommend anyone with similar conditions or anyone in general who wants to improve their fitness, take that first step through the door.

I have trained mainly with Harry & Claire and occasionally with Jane and Frank and they are always encouraging, supportive and genuinely want you to achieve your own personal goals.

Insync isn’t the typical “posing” gym, but that’s what makes it different to the rest and coupled with the surroundings at the farm is the perfect place to train.

You can be shown what appears to be the simplest of exercises, however, they are usually the most challenging.

I personally think it’s the best place to train if you want results and with the guidance of the team you will achieve your goals.//

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